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Are you ready to take the plunge into a 12-project, 4-month program that will bring joy to you, and the ones you gift them too! Spring Sewing and Summer Growing is sewing joy into our Spring and Summer Seasons. From pillows and organizers, to botanical framed art and a tray liner. License to Create has made our dreams Spring into action!


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Are you a current dealer? Get ready to be licensed to create! Your consumers will love these 12 amazing, holiday inspired projects!

Upscale Projects

Are you in love with Botanicals, Florals, Chalkboard, and Cork? Our Spring and Summer spirit is shown through clean, beautiful, and upscale projects! Pick your favorite fabrics to customize them to your home!

Happy Dealers

"I love the new, modern look that License to Create has provided for this holiday season! I truly believe our consumers will love it too!"

- Martha 

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Why Us?

Our License to Create dealer program is a way to inspire dealers and consumers! Plus, we provide all of the information our dealers will need to succeed! 

Create Our Popular Projects

Bee Happy Floor Mat.jpg

Bee Happy Floor Mat

Create a stunning feature for the center of your room with our Bee Happy Floor Mat. 

Spring Notebook Cover.jpg

Spring Notebook Cover

Embellish an inexpensive notepad or your favorite drawing pad with a Spring Notebook Cover.

Seasonal Greetings Made With Love

License to Create was inspired with a vision of helping people bring joy to their lives through crafting. This line of projects is inspired by Hope Yoder, and developed by Embellish. Each season, License to Create with release 12 new projects, that are both practical, and beautiful! 

Creating Timeless Home Decor

For the Spring and Summer seasons, License to Create has focused on home decor. We know that the warm and cool colors of these seasons will bring joy to our sewing community! License to Creates' ultimate goal is to bring families together through the passion of crafting and creating.